Buttocks cooling belt 1500G


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The cooling belt 1500G helps to lose fat with cold in the buttocks.

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The cooling belt 1500G helps to lose fat with cold in the buttocks.

It comes with an ice pack of size 60x26 cm (23.5x10.2") and of weight 1.5 kg (3.3 lb). This belt is one-size-fit-all and can fit up to 131 cm (51.6 inches).

Cold helps to lose fat in several ways:

- By improving blood flow. A good blood flow is mandatory to lose fat. Because it is blood that turn fat into available energy.

- By increasing calories consumption. Shivering for 10 minutes can burn as many calories as an hour's exercise.

This product does not freeze fat as does cryolipolysis and CoolSculpting. Because the ice pack is not in direct contact to the skin in order to prevent intense cooling.

This product is comfortable to use as the cold doesn't go to the lungs or to the throat.

To get significant results, we recommend to use this product from 3 times a week to every day for 30 to 45 minutes each times.

We are confident you will like this product. Thus we offer a 30 days money back guarantee. If you don't like it, you can send the product back for a full refund.

Take in note that this model was created for people that withstands well the cold and want maximum efficiency. As a consequence, using this product expose to a risk of cold burns. As stated in the instructions, you should consult your physician before using this product. You should then start to use the belt over short periods at the beginning to check that your skin supports the belt.

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