Hot Cold Gel Ice Pack Glove For Hand


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Hot Cold Gel Ice Pack Glove For Hand Pain Relief

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Hot cold gel pack of high quality. Can heat or cool down the hand (to target the 2 hands, you will need to use 2 ice packs).

The size of the ice pack is 30x20cm (12x8"). Helps to relieve hand wrist and fingers pain. Helps to heal the hand. Can be used before a workout to improve blood flow on the hand.

Nylon wrapping which doesn't leak easily (care in the freezer is still needed). Contains 400 grams (0.88 lb) of a powerful gel

This hot cold pack can be either heated or cooled down. For better results, we advise you to use 2 ice packs. First you can use a cold ice pack for 15 minutes. Then you can use an heated ice packs for about 10 minutes. This is how the blow flow is best improved as cold will improve the blood flow deeply while heat while improve the blood flow on the surface.

You can cool down this hot cold pack using a freezer (from 2 to 12 hours are needed).

To heat this hot cold pack, you can:

1)Boil water - Then put the water in a container - Then put the ice pack in the hot water for about 5 minutes.

2)You can heat the ice pack with a microwave. You can heat it for 10 seconds at about 450W and start again as much as necessary. Be careful as a too long exposure will make explode the ice pack.

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