Body cooling

Does it really help to lose weight?

Fat loss is a very difficult thing and of course the products don't work on every one. We estimate that about 30% of our customer get significant results.

It may seem low but in the fat loss area, those results are good, we believe because body cooling is one of the most efficient way to burn calories. A study shown that around 10-15 minutes of shivering resulted in equivalent rises in fat-burning hormones as an hour of moderate exercise. [source].

However cold can also increase appetite. To get results it is mandatory to pay attention to the diet. Sport can also helps to get more results.

How long should a cooling session with cold packs last?

The recommended duration of a body cooling session is from 35 to 50 minutes.

Can I cool the ice pack with a fridge?

No because a fridge wouldn't be powerful enough. You need a freezer which can go down to -18 Celsius degrees (-0,4° F).

How long should I put cold packs in the freezer before using them?

Depending on the power of your freezer, 12 to 36 hours are required. When the packs are sufficiently cooled, they are frozen instead of being soft.

What is the best time to use cold packs?

It depends on your lifestyle. We do not recommend using cold packs just after eating while you are digesting. You can use them :

  • Before going to bed. Then, after your session, you will warm up quickly under your sheets.
  • After practicing a sport. Then you will increase the fat loss effect of sport and increase muscle recovery.
  • In the morning, if you are not a morning person, it will wake you up. It will also increase your metabolism and blood circulation.
  • At the end of a short fast (we do not recommend to fast for more than 16 hours). Fasting on short period can help to improve fat metabolism without muscle loss. Cooling yourself will increase this effect.

Will the fat be frozen and destroyed?

No the product are not powerful enough to freeze the fat. We are not allowed to sell such powerful product for safety reasons.

The cooling suit will help to burn fat by increasing the metabolism and by improving the blood flow (it is mandatory to have a good blood flow to lose fat because it is the blood which take out the fat).

Cooling packs do not cool me down, is it normal ?

If you are not a insensitive-to-cold person, no it is not normal and we suggest you to do the following.

  • Check that you are not in a room where the temperature is too high. Starting 20 Celsius degrees (68° F) our products are less efficient. The more you withstand the cold, the more you need to turn down the heat .
  • Check that you use enough cold packs.
  • Do not use underwear under the short and the t-shirt.

How do I know if I am using enough cold packs?

If you are using enough cold packs, you must be cooled after 5 to 10 minutes. From 30 to 60 minutes you should have a shivering cold that will want to maintain 10 to 20 minutes. This means that the session is effective.

If these effects happen earlier than the time mentioned above, you are probably using too many cold packs.

What to do to get maximum the results ?

If you are using cold packs to lose weight and you wish to increase the fat burning results, you can combine their use with other fat burning techniques : High intensity workout, good diet and intermittent fasting.

I lost weight and now the clothes are not tight enough. What should do?

It is important to have clothes that are tight enough so that cold packs are properly applied. Otherwise the effectiveness of our products will decrease.

Therefore we advise you to either buy a smaller size or use belts to make the ice packs well in contact with you.

I have red marks after applying cold, is it normal ?

As long that it does not hurt, this is normal and it means that it is working. These marks will go by itself. If it is painful, stop immediately. You likely have put too much cold on you. In that case you also want to check with a health professional you are suitable to the use of our products.

It is a second time a cool pack leaks…is it normal?

As it is said in the instructions, it is important to put the ice packs in the freezer without stacking them too much. Otherwise some ice packs can get damaged. We always give some additional cooling packs so you can still use our cooling suits in case you break some cooling packs.

Hot and cold packs

What do you recommend between using hot and cold ?

Cold temperature increases the blood circulation deeply. Hot temperature increases the blood flow to body surfaces. For better results on blood circulation, we recommend applying cold first and then heat. However this practice is difficult with only one cold pack. It is better to have two different packs : one for heat and one for cold.

If you are very sensitive to cold, we recommend using only hot . Otherwise the two practices are interesting. The best thing is to test and judge yourself what works better for you.

The temperature is too intense. How can I reduce the intensity ?

Wait a little bit before using the hot cold packs. You can also wear thin clothes under the hot cold packs.

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